Buyer Info

Buying a Removal Home can save time, save money, save our heritage, and save our planet. Congratulations for considering this earth friendly and affordable alternative to building from scratch.

Save Money:

As with anything second-hand, you can expect to pay up to 50% less than the same product purchased new. A ‘Removal Home’ on your land with services connected and ready to move into is no exception and should cost between 25% and 50% less than a similar building built new.

Save our Heritage:

Australia’s history deserves to be retained in a tangible form. Many important buildings have been lost due to poor planning or lack of care for their historical value. It is not always practical to keep historical buildings on the original sites, and moving them is an option that is far too often ignored. By buying a Removal Home you are contributing to the honourable activity of maintaining a piece of our unique heritage.

Save our Planet:

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. Demolition and destruction of buildings send thousands of tonnes of waste building materials into landfill sites in our cities every year. The relocation of buildings is one of the oldest and largest contributors of recycling available today.

Original is often better:

Homes built in the past have stood the test of time, and were built by master craftsmen with skills that have been largely lost today. Due to the rise in construction costs, cheaper materials are used in new construction today and they tend to lack the warmth, feel, strength, and aesthetic qualities of the construction materials of the past.

Save Time:

A ‘Removal Home’ can be delivered to site immediately following council approvals and can be ready to live in within a couple of weeks. A new home can take considerably longer following council approval just to reach lockup stage.


When buying a ‘Removal Home’, you are getting involved in the project from start to finish. We have received many letters from customers who have enjoyed the satisfaction of creating their own unique home from sometimes rather humble beginnings. You can, of course, employ others to do all the work if this is your preference, however, the more involved you are the more money you will save and the more personal satisfaction you will get out of the project.

Essential Information

Homes for Sale:

We usually have several homes for sale at any one time. They can be located anywhere in South East Queensland or North East New South Wales. Most are sold and delivered directly from original location to final site. Many are still occupied so inspections are by appointment only. New listings are posted to the website on a regular basis.


The homes we sell are priced to supply the house as is and include allowances for delivery and re-stumping. Re-stumping is the installation of the new foundations and posts (i.e. stumps) the house will be fixed to at its new location. Supply of the house includes the whole house and floor along with fixtures and fittings above the original posts and foundations. The roof is also included however in some cases the roof may not be able to be reused. Materials below floor level need to be demolished to facilitate relocation but may be available at additional cost.

Council Approval:

We have consultants who can provide a Council Approval Facilitation Service to save you the time and hassle of putting together all the required drawings and reports for council. We have engineers, drafting professionals, certifiers and other consultants necessary to prepare an application. The cost of council approval is in addition to the price.


There is virtually no limit on the distance houses can be delivered, but long distances can be cost prohibitive. It is reasonably affordable to deliver up to 500klm, but much more affordable under 250klm. We include a delivery allowance of up to 100klm in the price and then per km rates apply thereafter.

House Site:

Your house site may need some preparation prior to delivery of your Removal Home. This is your responsibility, however, the relocation contractor who will deliver your home will advise you in this regard. Generally, most sites are suitable and require little preparation, even sloping sites. Some sites may need a roadway prepared to the place where the house will be sited, however in general if you can drive your car there, the truck delivering the house should be able to as well if the access is wide enough. Other methods can be used for particularly difficult sites and access conditions.


As Removal Homes are second hand, there is no builder or manufacturer’s warranty on the structure. Just as when buying an established home that is out of the builder’s warranty period, you should satisfy yourself as to the building's condition. New work carried out by licensed contractors to install foundations etc on the house will be covered by a building regulators warranty such as that provided by the QBCC.