Sell a House

Why sell your house for removal?

Demolition of homes is very costly and wasteful, as many thousands of tonnes of waste material ends up in landfill sites each year. Not only can you save thousands of dollars by avoiding full-scale demolition, you will also contribute to saving our planet. House removal allows almost 100% of the house to be recycled as is, kitchen sink and all! Demolition costs can cost around $20,000 to $30,000.

We generally pay anywhere between $1,000 and $100,000 or more for suitable homes depending on the size, quality, presentation and saleability of the home, and taking into account the costs of relocation and installation of the home on another site. So when you consider what you can save in demolition costs as well as what you can get for selling a home, the dollars and other advantages can really add up.

Where to start?

We will carry out a preliminary assessment using photos you supply or from an online search of your property address. If the preliminary assessment indicates your house may be suitable, we will arrange with you a free, no-obligation on-site internal and external inspection, then prepare a written quote and offer to purchase. We will not visit a house without your express permission to do so. All this is completely free of charge.

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What's involved?

Our Seller services are completely free of charge, you won't even pay commission for selling the home. Whether you are redeveloping, subdividing, considering a knock down rebuild or simply have a house or building you no longer need, we can get it removed from your site and pay you for the opportunity.

As part of this service, we also provide you with a free house sellers checklist to assist you with service disconnections and required removal demolition permits among other things, even including some of the forms you will need to arrange these, plus free assistance and advice.

What’s the Process?

We specialise in managing the house assessment, sale, approvals and relocation process. The chart below provides an overview from start to finish.

Sale and Removal Process Flow V5


How long does it take?

Act now! The less time available the less chance the house will be viable for removal. 9 -12 months before the house will need to be removed is the best time to get started. Shorter time frames may be possible, however, this will significantly reduce your options and the amount you can get.

Want to know even more? See our Seller FAQs.

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