choosing a removal home

Top 10 hints for choosing the right removal home

It can be a mine field choosing a removal home. With so many types, styles, shapes, sizes and so on to consider, how do you make sure you buy a house that can be relocated easily and is economically viable? To make it a little easier we have put together a […]

Finance for Removal Homes

Five Things You Need to Know Obtaining finance for housing projects has become more difficult recently due to tighter lending criteria as a result of the Banking Royal Commission. Finance for Removal Homes can be even more difficult because of a number of things unique to Removal Homes, so it helps […]

Trade in Old for New or New for Old

Most people upon hearing the term “Trade In” would associate that with trading in an old car for a new one or perhaps a better used one. Who would think it could apply to houses also? Well it can and it does. The continual Gentrification of the inner suburbs of our major […]

Remove, Recycle, Renovate

Renovation is a fantastic way to renew a home and save money at the same time, plus it’s environmentally friendly because you are helping to lengthen the life of the building making it more sustainable. Successive renovations could in theory keep a house in use and sustained forever. There is a […]

Choosing the right site for your home

Over the years we have often been asked questions like, “How do we select the right block of land to suit moving a house to?” or “What are the things we need to consider when buying land to suit a removal home?” There are some myths surrounding the answers to these […]


Chances are, if you live in a home built before 1990, it will contain some asbestos. Some homes have more than others. Asbestos was widely used in the manufacture of building materials for wall linings, soffits (eaves), roofing, pipes, and insulation for decades leading up to the early 80’s when it […]

Council Approvals

Need to know more about obtaining Council Approvals for Removal Homes? Read on. Council approval is generally required whenever a building is to be permanently fixed to a site. For portable buildings used for temporary accommodation, or site offices etc, council approval may not be required. Removal Homes (i.e. used conventional […]

Why Removal Homes?

For many people the idea of a whole house being recycled is a foreign concept and hard to imagine other than as a demolition project. The fact is houses have been recycled in this way for a very long time (since primitive man came out of caves and decided to built […]