Dont Demolish! Sell for Removal and Save Instead

Demolition can be a tremendous waste of resources. Typically when a house is demolished very little is actually recycled and most of it ends up as waste in land fill sites. Not only is it wasteful and potentially harmful to the environment, it can cost a lot of hard earned money to demolish a house. An average house will cost between $10,000 and $20,000 to demolish.
It makes much more sense to recycle a house in a way that maximises the reuse of existing material as well as saving money. When a house is removed from a development site and installed elsewhere to be used as a home again, nearly all the materials are recycled because the whole house is picked up and carried to its new location.
If the house is in reasonably good condition to start with then extensive renovations and replacement of fixtures and fittings will not be necessary meaning most of the existing house can be reinstalled as is. Not only is the cost of demolition saved, in most cases a house relocation project will generate a profit if it is approached with some care, attention and with proper research carried out first.
Many hundreds of houses are sold and removed in Australia every year. Experienced developers have been taking advantage of this for a long time and many choose to use professional removal house resellers like us to find buyers for houses they need removed from their development sites.
Developers and other house sellers such as home buyers and builders doing knock down re-build projects or subdividing a block benefit by receiving money from the sale of the house, or at least by saving demolition costs.
In any event it simply makes economical and environmental sense to consider house removal as an alternative to demolition.
We can assess houses for suitability for sale and removal in minutes with just a few photos or link to an an online listing showing the home.
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