Knock Down Re-build

Knock Down Re-build Supercharged

How can you supercharge the value of your knock down re-build project? Upgrading an existing house on your site to a new build is a great way to have the best of both worlds. The site you want and the house you want. The recently announced $25,000 Federal Government HomeBuilder scheme is an incentive that makes this way of getting a new home much more affordable. For some it will make the difference between whether the project is viable or not.

Another way to supercharge your knock down re-build is to extract the maximum value from the existing building. The term “knock down” implies destruction or demolition of the building. Demolition often forms a significant part of the project cost. However there is a better, more environmentally friendly and cost effective solution that you might be able to take advantage of. Sell the building for removal instead. You will not only save demolition costs, but could produce some extra income to put towards your new home.

The average price paid for a house removed from site is around $15,000. Some houses achieve many times that amount. Add on say $15,000 of saved demolition costs and you could be looking at a house load of new furniture, or major landscaping paid for by recycling the existing house. Further add to this the HomeBuilder incentive of $25,000 and you really have supercharged your knock down re-build. In such a scenario, based on average value for a house for removal you could be looking at $55,000 worth of added value. If the existing house is better than average your savings could be much more.

Take the first step and get your existing house or building assessed for value and viability for removal. Get your free assessment here

See the press release for the HomeBuilder scheme here

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